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Fall Craft: Coffee Filter Suncatchers

It’s officially Fall, and we’ve got the foliage to prove it… if not on our trees, at least we have them catching the sun through our windows.

In this season of life, I’m learning how to be flexible in so many ways. Sometimes I have to say “no” even when I don’t want to – like yesterday, when we had a play date planned with a new group of local mothers and kids – but Amelia didn’t sleep well the night before and I knew she needed a good nap. So we backed out of the activity, and Amelia took a three-hour nap, drifting off right when we would have been arriving at the park for arts & crafts. There will be other play dates, other parks, other opportunities to meet new people. But even though we had to say no to this particular event, I decided we could still do an arts & crafts project… Pinterest to the rescue! I didn’t have the contact paper or tissue paper for the no-mess suncatchers that the group made, but we did have coffee filters, a spray bottle, and markers… so here’s what we made!

I used this tutorial as inspiration, but it’s pretty self-explanatory! At (almost) one year old, this was definitely beyond Amelia’s skill level, but she enjoyed the final result, and had fun along the way clacking markers together, getting sprayed with water, and watching the process.

  1. Cut out leaf shapes from the coffee filters. (I didn’t do this step first but in hindsight it would’ve been easier!) This tutorial provides a free template, but you could freehand it or find other shapes with a quick Google search.
  2. Color the filters with markers – use fall shades of red, orange, and yellow. It doesn’t have to be elaborate!

  3. Spray the coffee filters with water. (I started outside, but it was a little windy, so we moved the operation indoors.)

  4. Dry the coffee filters on top of aluminum foil for 2-3 hours. (I also used parchment paper and a pizza pan, but the foil was by far the best – the filters dried more quickly and didn’t leave as much mess underneath.)

  5. Attach to the window with a loop of tape, and enjoy!


Happy Fall, y’all!


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