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Mississippi Moments

Over the weekend, we kicked off Amelia’s birthday week with a visit to Sam’s family in Mississippi. Amelia was spoiled with laps to sit in, new nooks and crannies (and boxes!) to discover, plenty of phones playing music videos, dogs to pet, and the crowning moment: the whole family singing Happy Birthday with cake and ice cream to follow. What a celebration!











Even if Amelia won’t remember her first birthday party, we will!

A few more moments from our Mississippi visit:




We love Al! Amelia loved to pet him.

Turn on a Youtube video of music, and Amelia is immediately entranced. We’ve heard “Five Little Ducks” and “The Wheels on the Bus” about one million times so far.

Sam’s Grandmother passed down some of his great-grandmother’s quilting fabrics to me! She started making cathedral window quilts after she turned 70, and had quite a collection of fabric perfect for fussy cutting little animals and flowers. I hope I can make a few quilts for the family using her fabrics… add it to the list!


The best present: a box!


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