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High Five for Friday

Every Friday I share five highlights, big and small, from my week. Amelia and I have been visiting my parents in Alabama this week, so here are some of our happiest memories from our trip. Happy Friday!

1 – Pumpkin Patch. ‘‘Tis the season! This local pumpkin patch was perfect for Amelia’s age: farm animals wandering around, pumpkins and sunflowers to pick, a tractor ride, and photo ops galore (that last one was more for me).

2 – Community Garden. The weather has been perfect this week, and it’s always a treat to see what’s growing in my parents’ garden. 

3 – Vienna Boys Choir. A break from a fussy baby was just what I needed last night, so it was great to get out of the house (and my Dad was a champ at putting A down to sleep!) to see the famed Vienna Boys Choir with my Mom. They were equal parts talented and adorable. 

4 – Road Trip Reading. The new John Green book didn’t disappoint! It was a quick read and perfect for the car trip. 

5 – Winter Wardrobe. We may finally get some cooler weather so we stocked up on warm clothes for the next few months. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’re shopping in the toddler section already (although A sure has been acting like one this week!) but here we are. 

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