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We’re All Here Because We’re Here

Sometimes this blog is heavy on the craft chat, sometimes chit chat, and sometimes book chat. I consider it a lucky week when I get to go to not one but TWO book-related ventures, both at the War Memoirial pavilion near the Nashville Public Library.  I’m a big fan of John Green’s books, from The… Continue reading We’re All Here Because We’re Here

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Pumpkin Patch Birthday

My little pumpkin turned one last week, and before we get too far away from that day I wanted to share some memories of the day itself. Since we had a little party in Mississippi the weekend before, and we’ll have another little celebration with my parents later this week, the actual day was pretty… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Birthday

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Nashville City Sights: Southern Festival of Books

The Southern Festival of Books is one of my favorite Nashville traditions! When we first moved here in 2014, I was super excited to find out about this festival and to see one of my favorite authors, Lev Grossman (again!), to get his latest book signed and hear behind-the-scenes tidbits on the making of the… Continue reading Nashville City Sights: Southern Festival of Books

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High Five for Friday

Every Friday I share Five highlights of my week, big and small. This week we celebrated Amelia’s first birthday, so most of my grateful moments focus on her! Happy Friday! 1 – 1 year. The shortest (& longest) year of all our lives! This little baby has changed so much in 12 months and it… Continue reading High Five for Friday

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Happy Birthday Cross Stitch Cube Finish

Double whammy today: not only a pattern finish but a finished object! I finished Amelia’s Happy Birthday cross stitch during naptime on her birthday yesterday, and finished the cube last night. I had to wait for daylight to take photos, and here it is! I loved the easy cube finish that I did for the… Continue reading Happy Birthday Cross Stitch Cube Finish