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Real Life Recap

I took a break from blogging for two weeks… but now I’m back!

I really enjoyed the break, actually.

… I was relieved not to have blogging on my “To Do” list every day (and night). Especially if Amelia didn’t nap.

… During the time I would normally spend working on a blog post, I read books or watched a favorite show. It was nice to “waste” my precious free time.

… I didn’t document my life as much. Sometimes I didn’t take a single photo all day (shocking, I know!).

… I took a break from social media, although it was a lot harder than I thought to put down my phone completely… which made me think a lot about modern life and how much I want to engage with the internet, especially in the context of motherhood and sharing Amelia’s life online.

…  I felt like I had more time to start projects that aren’t very bloggable, like organizing photos and filing paperwork. I try not to do things just to create content, but the need to have something to blog about always creeps in.

My time away was much-needed and gave me a lot to think about. But no matter how nice the break was, I still missed The Amateur Librarian! I’ve been chatting about books, crafts, and life online for so long that I don’t know how to give it up completely. I don’t have any grand ambitions for this blog, but I like having a place to write and document and share my life.

So, in short: I’m sticking around!

Of course I did take SOME photos during my hiatus. Here’s a very brief recap of what I was up to during the past couple weeks. I might write more about some of these things… but then again, maybe not!

Real Life Recap:

Christmas card photo shoot

Amelia’s new favorite book: a no-frills photo album filled with family and friends

Play dates

Slowly pulling together more of Amelia’s nursery

CVQA Quilt Show

Visit from Amelia’s Grandfather

Amelia turned 13 months old

And oh yeah… launched a side business!

I missed you, imaginary internet friends!

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