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WIP Wednesday

During my blogging break, I actually did some crafting! Here’s my weekly update on my current Works in Progress.

Sandy Orton Autumn Sampler Cross Stitch

It may be November already, but I finally started on this Autumn sampler! This season is so busy that I don’t think I’ll make much progress before Winter is here, but cross stitching (especially bigger projects like this one) is not known for speed… you have to just enjoy the journey!



Buy this adorable owl needle minder here!

Round Robin Quilt

I am way behind on my last Round Robin guild quilt for the year… this one was due at the October meeting but I finally started working on it last week and I don’t think I’ll have it ready for the next meeting… in three days! Oh well, at least I finally got started!

At the Open Sew last Friday, I pulled fabric and started cutting. I don’t get out to socialize much these days, so I have to admit that I spent a lot more time chatting and snacking than actually cutting… but it was well worth it!

Hopefully I can get this done in time for the December meeting. (I’ll be sharing the Round Robin that I started soon – unlike me, my other guild members were on the ball and it is completed. It’s the sweetest quilt ever!!)

And that’s about it!

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