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Round Robin Quilt: Final Round

This year I participated in my first-ever round robin, and it was definitely a creative challenge, but it kept me sewing!

The idea is fun: start with a square or strip for the center, then pass it around a group of quilters, each adding to it (borders or blocks or whatever they want) before passing it on to the next person each month, until it makes it way around everyone in the group and comes back to you as a completed quilt top. My group had six people in it, and my completed quilt top came back to me at the October meeting (even though I couldn’t make the meeting). I finished up my last round just in time for the November meeting, so now I can finally share all the completed tops!

I was right… if your group is as talented as the ladies in my modern quilt guild, it’s sure to end up awesome!




For the very last round, I added a row to the quilt started by Maria. Everyone has touched this quilt from the center outward: Maria, Libby, Emily, Jayne, and Marcia.

Here’s where I started:

I wanted to bring in both pink and blue, to tie the original block to all the color that was added in each row. Maria is no stranger to prints, but I decided to use solids (mainly because of the time crunch!). At first I was thinking of adding a row of plus blocks, but then I had the idea to do some sort of interlocking block to bring in some of the other shapes used throughout. I found a Cross-Overs border pattern from Quilters Cache (a super old-school website but a great resource!) that worked perfectly… I had to do some “creative” math to make it all fit, but hopefully that came across as “improv” rather than sloppy.

With an Open Sew to get me started, I managed to finish my round during naptimes the week before the November meeting. Just in the nick of time!

Here are a few progress photos:






I think Maria’s quilt turned out really well… and that concludes our first Round Robin!

We started out in February, and it’s been so much fun to see these quilts take shape over the course of the year, as they made their way to each member of the group.

Here’s a look at all the completed quilts in our Round Robin group – it’s amazing how they all turned out so differently!

Maria’s quilt:


Emily’s quilt:

Jayne’s quilt:

Marcia’s quilt:

Libby’s quilt:

AND… drum roll, please… my quilt!

I love, love, love how it turned out!! I love all the little details and how each quilter’s personality shows through in their round.

Here’s a quick look at its evolution.


Round 1: a 12″ wonky star with Amelia’s initial in the center.


Round 2 from Maria: I adore the little fussy cut details in the wonky patchwork, and the strawberry and star cornerstones are so adorable!

Round 3 from Libby: More fussy cut adorableness and a healthy dose of green!

Round 4 from Emily: I love, love, love all the the sweet details that she added! There is so much to take in: the ombre from cream to pink on the top half, to the green grass at the bottom, and the adorable paper pieced ladybugs, butterflies, and snails… so, so cute!

Round 5 from Jayne: Obviously Jayne knows the way to my heart by adding adorable little books! She wasn’t able to make it to the guild meeting, but fortunately she recently shared photos on her blog Twiggy and Opal. Check it out for more detail shots!

via Twiggy and Opal

Round 6 from Marcia: The wonky stars in the corners and patchwork was the perfect way to finish up this sweet, sweet quilt.


I can’t wait to get this one quilted and bound… I’m hoping to work with Jill from our guild to do some custom longarm quilting.

This was such a fun challenge!

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