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Secret Santa Swap 2017

The Music City MQG ends the year on a high note yet again! Our last meeting of the year is a holiday party, with the annual Secret Santa swap, Dirty Santa game for fabric, and tables laden with food.

My Secret Santa this year was Evelyn, and I had so much fun doing “research” (AKA stalking her social media) to see what she likes. Evelyn is a colorful, creative quilter with a passion for theatre which is so cool! I decided to make something for her sewing space and ended up going with a sewing caddy that I’ve been thinking about ever since I saw it on In Color Order a few months ago – the #10 Caddy pattern by Sew Can She. A bulk-food tin can is used as the base, with a clever liner that fits around the can and seven pockets on the outside. I followed Jeni’s suggestion to cut a piece of felt to line the bottom. It came together quickly and looks great!

I stuffed the pockets with extra notions – a quilting magazine, wrist pin cushion, flat head pins, a Lady Katie Stitchery needle minder (of course!), a glittery scissors ornament, Hot Sox, and chocolate. I’m pleased with the way this one turned out, and I cut another set to make one for myself! I just have to pep myself up for eating another mountain of green beans first….


It was a surprise to find out that Evelyn was my Secret Santa too! Usually we’re not paired up together, so it was an unexpected treat! Evelyn made a hanging organizer that’s perfect to hang in my sewing closet. It has a ton of useful pockets, and it can roll up to take along to guild meetings and retreats. There were all sorts of fun goodies in the pockets, like Nancy Drew note cards, a Heather Ross bookmark, an adorable Pride & Prejudice board book… and chocolate, of course. Obviously we are two peas in a pod and had very similar ideas for what makes a worthy “extra”! The patchwork on the outside features so many favorite fabrics that I couldn’t stop turning it over and over to seek out all the little details.


The Secret Santa Swap is always so much fun, and it gets better every year!

You can check out past swaps here:
In 2014 I made a tote bag and covered notebook, and received a stunning wreath quilt (that I display every year!).
In 2015, I made a mini quilt and received a gorgeous patchwork tote and embellished vintage hoop.

The Dirty Santa game started out politely enough, but by the end we were stealing fabric left and right. Everyone brought great fabric and I am so happy with the bundle that I stole in the nick of time.


I came home with lots of goodies, but mostly a happy heart. I’ve made so many great friends through this guild, and I’m so thankful that I found this group of like-minded ladies!


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