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Merry Beachmas!

Christmas seems like it happened a million years ago, even though it’s only been a couple weeks. I know if I don’t get pics up now, I never will!

This year we didn’t put up a Christmas tree, hang up stockings, or wrap a bunch of presents… instead we flew to FL for a week at the beach! It was nice to skip the buying and wrapping and list-making frenzy and trade it all in for walks on the beach, soaking up the sun whenever we could, eating lots of cookies, reading during nap times, playing games every night after bedtime, sneaking out to see a movie and meet up with a couple nearby friends, celebrating Sam’s 31st birthday, and exploring our little stretch of the Florida panhandle whenever the weather was too cold to spend time outside.

This trip also marked Amelia’s first round trip of flights and a week of visiting somewhere other than our family’s homes. She loved the beach so much more than I expected – after warming up to the sand the first day, she couldn’t wait to crawl around, knock down sand castles, fill up buckets, and splash in the (frigid) water! It was so much fun to watch our little beach baby explore.

Of course I took a million photos, but I also tried to just enjoy the time with family. I pinky swear that I tried my hardest to only share my very favorite photos in the upcoming photo dump:


























Hope you had a very merry holiday season… cheers to 2018!!

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