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Read Every Day!

My word for 2018 is Grow, and my reading life is one of the areas I want to put that word into action. I want to read more challenging books, make more time for reading, and focus on quality over quantity. I love the reading tracker that’s included in the Modern Mrs. Darcy 2018 Reading Challenge kit, so I decided to use it to help me with my goals; reading every day seems like a good place to start!

I know everyone is gung ho about resolutions the first month of the year, but with seven days under my belt, I can tell that I’ll actually want to keep up with this goal, and the tracker is super useful to keep me accountable. I don’t plan on posting a weekly update here on the blog, but I’ve been taking photos every day so you can keep up with what I’m reading on Instagram if you’re interested!


I’m also using the 1S app to record videos and snapshots of what I’m reading each day (plus separate projects for cross stitching and daily life) so if I keep up with it, I’ll have super fun videos to share at the end of the year (or whenever).

Here’s a look at Week 1!

Day 1: Start My Name is Lucy Barton, by Elizabeth Strout

I picked up an autographed copy for my birthday last year, and I’ve been meaning to read it ever since; no better time than the new year! I liked Olive Kitteridge but I remember finding the writing challenging, so I expect the same from this one.

Day 2: A nap time treat: reading, snacking, and sipping!

I started reading Reading People, a nonfiction book about personality frameworks, before the holidays but I didn’t think I would be in the mood for self-improvement during our beach vacation (I was right). The premise is interesting, but I’m having a hard time getting through this one for some reason. I think it might be because I’ve been in a state of flux since becoming a mother, and some of the things I always thought about myself when I was in school or working full time are just… different now.

Day 3: I can’t seem to focus on one book two days in a row, so I picked up my eBook, Rules of Civility, for some before-bedtime reading. I’ve heard this compared to The Great Gatsby, so I have high hopes.

Day 4: Back to Lucy. Slow start but I’m starting to get into the rhythm of the writing. I definitely need to read this one slowly to let each sentence sink in…

Day 5: One chapter in particular hit me like a gut punch and now I can’t wait to read more. It’s laundry day but I’m sneaking in some reading in between loads.

Day 6: Perfect Saturday morning: snuggling in bed and finishing a book. This one really snuck up on me, but by the end I was very moved. I wouldn’t say it’s a “favorite” but it’s powerful stuff. Still ruminating on my thoughts/feelings.

(Sorry for the low lighting.)

Day 7: Back to my eBook, which I read during Golden Globe commercial breaks and a few minutes before bed. We had a full day out and about, so without this tracker I would probably just enjoy my glass of wine and skip reading today… so I’m glad I have some external accountability keeping me on track!

Do you have any reading goals this year?

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