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Snow Day!

We had a taste of winter last week with a few flurries, then a couple inches of snow this week… it doesn’t take much to get excited around here!

Amelia was fascinated by the individual snowflakes falling from the sky, and kept trying to pick them up. Eventually she got tired of the cold and wet, but we tried to milk the novelty as much as possible with walks around the block, in the wagon or the stroller. We all bundled up in a hodgepodge of layers – Amelia could barely move! – but we didn’t have all the necessary gear like mittens or snow boots since we deal with snow so rarely. She seemed to like it, but I wish she was walking so she could explore a bit more. There’s always next year!

Having grown up in the South myself, snow days are few and far between, so they stick out in memory. It’s Thursday and you know I love a good #TBT, so here are a couple snow days of yore, from ye olde blog!


Amelia was not impressed with her first glimpse of snow; too bright, too cold, too wet!


Before baby, there were cats!


The first snow day ever documented on this blog, featuring a pensive Tali and my favorite pic of Cora in her element.

I love snow days: any excuse to play outside, get cozy inside, and take a break from routines!

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