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2018 Quilting Retreat Plans

The 2018 Music City MQG retreat is coming up in less than a month!

via Emily Collins

My quilting mojo is pretty much zilch these days… I didn’t complete a single quilt in 2017 and haven’t used my sewing machine at all this year (insert horrified emoji face here). So I’m excited to actually do some sewing in February on a weekend retreat with the Music City MQG gals! Not only will it be my first time working on a quilt in quite a while, it will be the first time I’ve EVER been away from Amelia overnight.

Time to get organized! My friend Emily is also going to the retreat, so she came over for a prep day last week. During nap time, I gathered all my WIPs in one place; they’re all in various stages and I made a longggg list of what fabrics I needed to cut or purchase in order to complete the quilt top (or back). We did a lot of problem solving and it gave me lots of motivation to work on each quilt. All that productivity went out the window when Amelia woke up (which is also why I never sew anymore) but she had lots of fun “helping” create piles of fabric!

Here’s a quick rundown of the quilts I’m bringing to the retreat!

Baby Blue Quilt

I started working on a fractured four patch quilt (Square Dance pattern by SewMotion) last year but came to a stopping point due to a couple different reasons. I wasn’t thrilled with the way my two florals were working together, and I accidentally ordered this Cotton + Steel Rifle Co print in lawn instead of 100% cotton, so I was worried about the puckering that was already starting to show.

So! I separated the two floral prints and decided to make two baby quilts instead of one bigger quilt.

For the blue print, Emily helped me come up with this arrangement and I’ll add white and navy borders in the blank space. I’ll use up the rest of the four patches in a strip on the quilt back.

Lucky Four Patch

For the Cotton + Steel Lucky Strikes floral, I’m just rearranging the four patch blocks and adding a white border. Sometimes sweet and simple is the way to go!

QAYG Cathedral Window Quilt

I started a QAYG Cathedral Window quilt last year (using Quilting in the Rain’s tutorial) but stopped because my pancakes were looking pretty lumpy… before I sew them together, I’m going to have to turn them all inside out again and pink the seams… ugh! But I love the Heather Ross fabrics I used, so I know I’ll be glad when it’s done correctly.

Round Robin Quilt

I love my Round Robin quilt top so much! I’m going to have it professionally quilted and hand it off at the retreat, so I just need to figure out the back. I bought two yards of a Sleeping Porch floral by Heather Ross but I want to add an extra star block that will serve as a label, and I’m going to hunt up all of my Heather Ross scraps to make a few patchwork blocks.

Ombré Log Cabin

I started this as a mini quilt on the last retreat, and it’s been sitting in a bag ever since! I was only a few weeks along in my pregnancy and not telling many people yet, so I’m pretty sure my thinking was that I’d make a few different quilts and decide which one to keep after I found out the gender. The Vintage Star quilt was completed for Amelia and this one didn’t make it past its current state. I don’t have a recipient for it yet, but I’m going to add borders and cornerstones to make it into another baby quilt. I think it will be super cute!

Amelia was very helpful when it came to choosing border fabric!

Marcelle Medallion Quilt

I honestly don’t know if I’ll work on this at the retreat, but I’ve cut the templates for the center block and pulled fabric for the next few borders.

That’s all I have for WIPs… but I have one more quilt that I need to make! I promised my friend Sarah a quilt almost two years ago… and after many, many back-and-forth messages I think I’ve finally settled on what I want to do! Emily helped me pull fabric and flesh out my design idea, but I’m only sharing a peek since it will be a surprise.


Big thanks to Emily for all her help with the quilt math/fabric pulling/baby wrangling/etc.!

I don’t expect to complete every quilt I bring, but from my experience at the 2016 retreat, I know it’s a good idea to bring a variety of projects. I think I’ll also bring some cross stitching too, because I remember wanting a hand sewing project when I felt burned out from sewing at the machine all day long.

We’re having a Friday Night Open Sew this week, so I’m hoping to cut all my fabric for each quilt top/back then, so I’m ready to sew sew sew at the retreat. I’m so excited!

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