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I’m working on my January reading post, so no Book Chat post today, but I’m still reading every day!

Instead, a quick peel at life these days! Weekend adventures look a lot different these days with a baby in tow, but now that Amelia is weaned and only taking one nap a day, we’re not quite so tied to the house as we used to be. This weekend we visited a craft fair where a few friends of mine had booths, got Amelia’s first hair cut, and topped it off with the Super Bowl.

We’re not as adventurous as we used to be, but I still love our weekends together!

The Handmade Fair in Murfreesboro was a great excuse to say hi to some friends! Ashley of Cute Fluffin Stitch (on the left) is an old pro at these events – check out her website and Etsy shop! – and it was fun to cheer on Debby and Joscelyn (also friends from the Music City MQG) for their very first craft show!

Amelia picked out this adorable fox and wouldn’t let go! She gave it a kiss and then held onto it for dear life the entire day. So of course we had to take the little guy home with us!

Thanks, Ashley!

On Sunday afternoon, Amelia got her first hair cut. We probably could’ve trimmed her bangs ourselves, but a local business just opened and was offering a coupon for the “full first hair cut experience” so we gave it a go. They were definitely set up to keep kids entertained, with a slide, fun chairs, and a TV at every station. Amelia was so busy watching a kid run around with a balloon that she didn’t even notice what was happening with the scissors. She did great!

Here’s the dramatic Before and After:




We even have an official certificate and lock of her hair… all 1/4″ of it.

We capped off our weekend with a picnic dinner in front of the TV to watch the Super Bowl. After the halftime show (the only part I actually watched), Amelia went to bed and I read a book while Sam gave me updates on the score; talk about a win-win for everyone.

Happy Monday!

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