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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly check-in on my works in progress!

Winter Carriage Ride Cross Stitch

I worked on the 2nd part of this pattern before packing it up so I could use the Q-Snap for a new start. (Sometimes I think I need another Q Snap… but then I think it helps me keep the WIPs to a minimum.) The border is so cute! I have to admit I usually like the borders more than the actual scenes. I should have this one finished up soon, if I can get back to it.



(You can find this needle minder (and many others!) in the Lady Katie Stitchery shop on Etsy!)

Surprise Cross Stitch

I’m keeping this one a secret since it’s a gift, so only sneak peeks for now! I started this one at the MQG Retreat last weekend and it was a nice break from the sewing machine. Hand stitching is so soothing when I’m feeling braindead!

(This needle minder isn’t available in my Etsy shop, but it has a fun backstory: it’s made from a button I bought at Mood during our trip to NYC in 2016. Memories!)

Music City MQG Retreat

Of course the majority of what I’ve been working on during the past week was done at the retreat. It was such a fun weekend, and I’m happy to report that I finished all the baby quilt WIPs that I brought! I’ll write a full post soon.



And that’s all for now!

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