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Reading Life: February 2018

Two months in, and tracking my reading every day is still working for me, so I’m keeping it up. And when I skipped a few days for the Music City MQG retreat, I decided not to get hung up on it, but just keep going.. looking back at those blank squares will remind me of the fun times at the retreat instead. Plus keeping a daily log makes this post a breeze to put together since I’ve already written down a few thoughts on what I’ve been reading!

Read in February

As usual, these words are short and sweet!

February 2018 Thoughts


Rules of Civility, by Amor Towles

Start date: 12/4/2017
Finish date: 2/23/2018
Source: Modern Mrs. Darcy blog
Genre: Fiction
Format: Library book
4 stars

I finally checked out a library copy bc I just couldn’t find the time to read an eBook. Katie Kontent uses her wits to climb the New York City social ladder during the years between wars (is there a word for that era?), and I’d say the comparisons to The Great Gatsby are deserved for its depiction of the high flying socialites of the era, but I probably liked this one more. The main character is given a lot more agency, and I really loved the lyrical writing; it’s very atmospheric, with time period touches that don’t feel overdone. This is a rare novel that feels like it would stand up to rereading, and I will definitely be checking out anything Towles writes (A Gentleman in Moscow is on my TBR list!)

Sourdough, by Robin Sloan

Start date: 1/31/2018
Finish date: 2/6/2018
Source: What Should I Read Next? Podcast
Genre: Fiction
Format: Library book
3 stars

Robin Sloan brings us another underground world of San Francisco, this time for foodies. Charming and fun read, but forgettable.

Literally Me, by Julie Houts

Start date: 2/6/2018
Finish date: 2/12/2018
Source: Instagram @jooleeloren
Genre: Humor/Graphic Novel (??)
Format: Library book
3 stars

Sharp, acerbic satire about a specific modern woman: white, wealthy, living in NYC, naturally. Sprinkled throughout the illustrations are short stories/essays; my favorite is the one from the point of view of a fiddle leaf fig tree. Great

Into the Water, by Paula Hawkins

Start date: 2/8/2018
Finish date: 2/11/2018
Source: What Should I Read Next? Podcast
Genre: Thriller
Format: Library book
3 stars

A bestseller and movie adaptation like The Girl on the Train is hard to follow up, but I actually liked this one better. The characters weren’t any more likeable but there were multiple viewpoints so I didn’t have to spend as long inside each person’s head. The setting was almost a character itself, a small town home to the Drowning Pool, where women throughout the ages have committed suicide… or perhaps that’s not the whole story. The plot was twisty, for sure, but more of a domestic suspense/mystery than a thriller with a Big Shocking Twist. One of those books that I have to read every waking moment, even though it’s not particularly good for my mood.

Still Reading:

Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli

Start date: 2/13/2018
Source: Newbery Challenge
Genre: Children’s Lit
Format: Paperback

The 2018 Newbery Award winner was just announced, which always makes me want to pick back up with my personal challenge to read all the winners. This one has been calling my name for a while, but I started reading right before going out of town so it wasn’t great timing.

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, by Samantha Irby

Start date: 2/22/2018
Source: What Should I Read Next? Podcast
Genre: Memoir
Format: Library book

Essay collection from a blogger/influencer I’ve never heard of, but her writing is witty and self-deprecation at its finest.

Books read in February: 4
Books read in 2018: 10
Still reading: 2

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the second month of 2018!

I’m always looking for more book recommendations – are you reading any good books?

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