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A Year of Pie: Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch

When Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery announced a new yearlong cross stitch club that would debut the month I turned 30, I couldn’t resist embarking on a year of pie! I looked forward to a quick stitch every month, with a recipe to go along with each adorable pie. The first pie was released in May 2017… Continue reading A Year of Pie: Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch

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Turn Toddler Art into Thank You Cards!

Hope you had a meaningful Mother’s Day, whatever that means to you! This year we sent cards to Amelia’s grandmothers and great-grandmother, and since we also had Grandpop’s birthday to celebrate, we needed an idea that could work for any occasion. It’s super easy to turn toddler art into cards… for Mother’s Day, birthdays, thank… Continue reading Turn Toddler Art into Thank You Cards!

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What is a Grime Guard?

My hobbies are varied, but that’s why my tagline for the Amateur Librarian has always been “Book Chat, Craft Chat, Chit Chat”; whatever I feel like writing about will almost always fall under at least one of those categories! You may or may not be a reader or crafter or mother… but hopefully one or… Continue reading What is a Grime Guard?