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A Colorful, Creative Nursery

My baby may be 18 months old but I finally framed and hung the last of the art for her room… and I’m calling her nursery “done”! I’m not aiming for Pinterest-worthy perfection, but I’m so happy with her cheerful, colorful room that’s just right for reading, playing, and sleeping. I’m sure it will continue to change as she grows!

You may remember how this room used to be my sewing room until I cleared it all out (details here!) or when my friend Sommer came for a visit to put her design ideas into action. Even if we didn’t implement every single idea, I’d say we achieved the colorful, creative vibe of our inspiration.

Check out our progress here!


We had guests over the weekend, so I took advantage of a clean house and snapped a few photos; here’s a quick little tour of my favorite room in the house.

Whether I’m reading Good Night Moon in the rocker for the millionth time, or playing peekaboo in the tent (also for the millionth time), or singing the alphabet song as Amelia plays with the flashcards, I love every angle of this sweet nursery because Amelia loves it too.

I can’t resist a few Before/Afters from Sommer’s visit, because I love that kind of thing!



After the DIY canopy didn’t work out, I meant to make something else to replace it… but when Amelia was given a tent for Christmas, it filled the empty corner perfectly. Now it’s her favorite spot for sure!
(Gah, look how little Amelia was!)
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the nursery. We love it so much!
Here’s one last photo from last summer (I can barely handle it).

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