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Current Pincushion Situation

Moving my sewing stuff out of the guest room closet and into the master bedroom has been a game changer! Even more than moving the noise further away from the nursery, I think having natural light and cute storage has made the biggest difference. I was so afraid of clutter driving me crazy that I’m trying really hard to keep this space organized and useful.

Case in point: instead of shoving my pincushions into a bag or on top of a high shelf, they are now on display when not in use. Now they feel much more like a “collection.” Here’s what my current pincushion storage is looking like:

The velvet pincushion at the top is a gift from my parents’ trip to Alaska,

the tomato covered in pins is the first I ever bought,

I won the square pincushion (made from Heather Ross scraps) in an Instagram auction,

the biscornu I made from this Satsuma Street pattern,

and the mason glass jar with pincushion top was a goody from the 2018 Music City MQG retreat!

This little pink shelf will eventually hang in Amelia’s nursery to match the other one… as soon as I can find something else for my pincushions to sit on! I’ve been on the hunt for a tiered cake stand or a floating shelf that’s just as cute as this little pink house (a tall order!).

Don’t worry, I still have hidden storage in the guest closet… this little bookcase has come in handy while we’re saving it for Amelia’s room in a few years.

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