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Mississippi Moments

Tis the season for graduations! Yesterday we returned from a quick weekend trip to Mississippi to celebrate two more graduates. We didn’t actually make it to either of the ceremonies (blame the toddler) but we managed to fit in lots of food, family, friends, not one but two baby-free outings (lunch AND a movie!), and even a very rainy Market Street Festival. Amelia is still cautious when it comes to walking, but there was so much to explore that she took a (tentative) leap of faith and started walking on her own a lot more. I think she’s turned a corner! And at the end of each day, she was completely exhausted so we all slept great: a good time was had by all!

A few of my favorite moments:















Happy Monday… here’s hoping you smile at least half as big as this baby sitting on a bridge as the sun sets.

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