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What is a Grime Guard?

My hobbies are varied, but that’s why my tagline for the Amateur Librarian has always been “Book Chat, Craft Chat, Chit Chat”; whatever I feel like writing about will almost always fall under at least one of those categories! You may or may not be a reader or crafter or mother… but hopefully one or more of the Book/Craft/Chit Chat interests you!

Just in case you feel totally lost when I start talking about cross stitching (and accompanying accessories!), it seems like a good idea to answer the question: What is a grime guard??

A grime guard is a fabric cover that fits over the frame that holds your hand stitching project taut, keeping your handiwork safe from oils and grime! The two most popular frames for hand stitching, like embroidery or cross stitch, are Q Snaps (a square frame made of PVC pipes) or the traditional round embroidery hoop. A grime guard will fit over either type of frame, and the elastic edges ensure a snug fit with room to tuck in excess fabric. You might also hear this handy accessory called a Q Snap cover, hoop cover, or Q Snap garter.

And just in case that seems like something you need… now there are some available in my Lady Katie Stitchery shop!

For this first batch, each grime guard fits an 8×8 Q Snap (a square frame made of PVC pipe) or an 8-inch round embroidery hoop. I’m starting out with the most standard size, but I plan on adding more sizes soon. I’ve been having a lot of fun figuring out the measurements, what kind of assembly line works best to make a large quantity, and the best part… picking out fabrics! If you need a practical accessory, it might as well be cute to boot, right?




To celebrate this new product entering the store, I’m running a sale over the weekend. Use code NOGRIME for 20% off ANY purchase in the Lady Katie Stitchery shop until Monday, 5/14/18.

Click here to go directly to Lady Katie Stitchery or click on any of the photos in this post to go directly to that item.

Happy Thursday!


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