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A Year of Pie: Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch

When Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery announced a new yearlong cross stitch club that would debut the month I turned 30, I couldn’t resist embarking on a year of pie! I looked forward to a quick stitch every month, with a recipe to go along with each adorable pie. The first pie was released in May 2017 and I just finished stitching the twelfth pie, just in time for my 31st birthday… today!

This one will go in my pile of completed patterns that have yet to be “finished”… gotta have a finishing party some day soon!

You can check out my other yearlong cross stitch projects here:

Once Upon a Time in 2014

Woodland Creatures in 2015

Pumpkin Passport in 2016

One last batch of progress pics:



I usually sign my name at the bottom, but I liked the round frame intact and felt like adding my initials right between the first and last pies was fitting.

Ta da!


ALL the finished pies:


May – Chocolate Cream Pie
June – Key Lime Pie
July – Blueberry Pie
August – Oreo Cream Pie
September – Apple Pie
October – Pumpkin Pie
November – Pecan Pie
December – Peppermint Pie
January – Lemon Meringue
February – Cherry Pie
March – Grasshopper Pie
May – Rhubarb Pie


Twelve months, twelve pies, my 30th year… somehow we’ve come to the end of my year of pie!

14 thoughts on “A Year of Pie: Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch

  1. Just beautiful! Hope you have a piece of chocolate cream pie & sit down to a good book today! Happy 31st Birthday! Thank you for this blog…


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