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Fidget Quilt Block Swap + FQ Challenge

The Music City Modern Quilt Guild hosted a fidget quilt block swap at our June meeting, and 20 lap quilts were completed that day!

via Emily Collins

If you’re interested in fidget quilts, here’s a great resource!

Basically, fidget quilts are lap-sized quilts with tactile bits like lace, buttons, or texture that are soothing for Alzheimer’s patients or autistic children to touch. Each member of the guild brought in 10 blocks, and they were sorted into piles with coordinating batting and backing fabrics. It was so interesting to see the creative ideas that went into each block!


For my blocks, I add loops of ribbon on 2-4 sides of each 5-inch block, sewing down the ends at least 3 times to make sure they stayed in place. Then I added a quarter-inch seam around the perimeter for stability.



Most of the fidget quilts will be donated to a memory center, but some were brought home for family, friends, and loved ones. It’s always gratifying to work on service projects, especially when you can see them in use immediately!


Fat Quarter Challenge

I haven’t completed my FQ challenge, but I had enough done that I brought it in for Show and Tell – I so rarely have anything to share these days that I needed to take advantage of “close enough”!

Here’s a quick peek, and I’ll be sure to share more pics when it’s quilted (whenever that may be!)

Check out what other guild members made for the FQ challnge here! There are some amazing creations!

And if you need a Monday morning baby fix: take a look at my little helper. She loves the sewing machine! (And playing with scraps.)

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