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Into the Jungle Cross Stitch: Tiger

Oops, I did it again… I joined another yearlong stichalong (SAL) club <insert horrified emoji here>. I’m way behind, but the summer months are the perfect time to catch up… life is pretty busy these days, so any moment that I can sit still to stitch and listen to a podcast is a good one!… Continue reading Into the Jungle Cross Stitch: Tiger

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TBT: Valley Forge National Park

I never properly blogged about our quick trip to Pennsylvania in early June, but whether it was recorded for prosperity on the blog or not, it still happened! (Will prosperity ever actually look at this blog? Who knows. But I find myself with a rare moment to blog, so I shall continue documenting.)  My parents,… Continue reading TBT: Valley Forge National Park

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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! It’s been a doozy of a week but my habit of finding Five highlights reminds me to stay grateful. And since I missed last week, here’s a double whammy: highlights from our trip to Chicago AND the reality of the past week! First, Chicago: 1. QT with hubby! 2. Museums! We loved the… Continue reading High Five for Friday

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Reading Life: May and June 2018

Summer is in full swing and life is busy! It feels like I haven’t been reading (or blogging) as much lately, so I’ve got two months to catch up on today. But as I looked over the last two months, I’ve actually read quite a few books – reading for a few minutes here and… Continue reading Reading Life: May and June 2018

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TBT: Radnor Lake

A couple weekends ago, we visited Radnor Lake for the first time since Amelia started walking. Hiking the forest trails and wandering along the crumbling highway by the lake is always a treat, but the experience is a lot different with a toddler! We didn’t get nearly as far and stayed on high alert the… Continue reading TBT: Radnor Lake

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Girls Weekend in Memphis

It’s hard to keep up with friendships on top of daily life, especially as everyone scatters far and wide, but it’s been tradition to meet up with two of my friends for a weekend without spouses or children or pets, and we finally made it happen again! We met in Memphis for lunch, a trip… Continue reading Girls Weekend in Memphis