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TBT: Radnor Lake

A couple weekends ago, we visited Radnor Lake for the first time since Amelia started walking. Hiking the forest trails and wandering along the crumbling highway by the lake is always a treat, but the experience is a lot different with a toddler! We didn’t get nearly as far and stayed on high alert the whole time, but it was fun to watch Amelia explore on her own terms.
The last time we drove to Radnor Lake, it was late Fall and Amelia wasn’t quite so mobile yet. A few months makes a big difference!
Here’s what I had to say:
The holiday season is officially here, and we’ll be driving to see our Mississippi family for Thanksgiving later this week. I love this time of year, but already it feels so rushed. I’ve been making lists at double speed lately, and there were plenty of things on the list to get done over the weekend, but we took an afternoon off to visit Radnor Lake for a family hike. The leaves have turned, the wind was brisk, and it was a perfect fall day to take a deep breath!
When I used to imagine what it would be like to have a little person join our family, I envisioned days like this one, just the three of us, experiencing a familiar place for the first time again. My fantasies didn’t include lugging a diaper bag or a baby-wearing carrier that hurts your back after a while or a shrieking baby to let us know when she was officially DONE with the hike… but that’s the reality I couldn’t foresee, and when I take a moment to take it all in, it’s so much more than I could’ve ever expected.


More city sights coming soon as we explore the Nashville area!

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