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TBT: Valley Forge National Park

I never properly blogged about our quick trip to Pennsylvania in early June, but whether it was recorded for prosperity on the blog or not, it still happened! (Will prosperity ever actually look at this blog? Who knows. But I find myself with a rare moment to blog, so I shall continue documenting.)  My parents, brother, Amelia, and I traveled up for a graduation party and it was amazing to spend time with my mom’s side of the family that I haven’t seen in years – especially all in one place!
In between eating and sleeping and partying and trying to fit in a nap for Amelia each day, we got to spend some time in the Valley Forge National Park that was just a couple minutes away from our hotel.
We got some history in the form of a small museum, short film (which was still 10 minutes too long for a toddler to sit through), a quick tour of Washington’s headquarters, and an even quicker walk through the chapel, but the drive alone was worth the visit. Even if we didn’t stop at every monument or read every placard (much to my father’s chagrin, my mom would yell “No time to read!” every time he stopped, which was pretty funny), and even if Amelia didn’t nap in the car like we planned which led to an epic meltdown on the flight home, we still had a fun time in the park. Maybe when Amelia is a bit older, we’ll be able to visit again… whether she likes it or not, this is just the beginning of historical sites she’ll be forced to visit!
And now the photo dump:

Despite the occasional rough moments with a toddler, looking back at photos always reminds me that traveling is worth it!

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