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Franklin City Sights: Williamson County Fair

It’s our third year going to the Williamson County fair, just five minutes down the road from our house. I love this tradition and I think Amelia does too! Last year she loved the people watching and music, and this year she was all about the animals. In three years of going to the fair, each year gets better!
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Check out my posts about our previous visits here:
This year we didn’t spend as much time wandering the exhibits, but there’s something for everyone: eating fair food, checking out the quilts, and visiting as many animals as possible. We stayed up way past Amelia’s bedtime (all the way to 8:30 PM!) and the highlight was the Little Farmers exhibit with activities for each stage of agriculture production, ending with a snack and petting zoo. At first Amelia was hesitant to do the activities (and I’m sure most of them were over her head) but she got into it as she discovered there were items to collect in her basket… not so much when she had to return them, but at least she’s still easily distracted. An unexpected highlight was the corn box (like a sand box?); Amelia spent so much time picking up individual kernels while the older children ran amok pouring cups of corn on their heads and burying each other… kids are so funny! She could barely keep her eyes open by the end but still wanted to listen to the bluegrass music on the way out.
We briefly went through the arts & crafts winners, but the “no touching” rule was hard to enforce with a wiggly toddler who didn’t want to be contained in a stroller.
So I went back later with my quilty friend so we could actually take a look at the quilts. Even though most of the submissions were traditional quilts, our Music City Modern Quilt Guild was well represented!
More city sights coming soon as I explore the Nashville area!

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