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Meow Monday: Miss Cora

Cora the Cat has been part of my life (and this blog!) since 2009, and sadly we had to say goodbye on Saturday night.

Portrait by my talented SIL

Since bringing her to our newlywed home from the humane society as a wee kitten to moving across the country from MS to CA, then CA to TN, she’s been a daily presence and part of the family. Her antics kept us on our toes, for sure, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way.



If you’re interested in feline adventures, just click on the “Meow Monday” tag and you’ll find years’ worth of archives from the mundane to the silly to the nostalgic.





Cora had an eventful life, and she’s mellowed over the nine years she spent with us, but I thought we had plenty of time left. The goodbye was so sudden that it’s still hard to believe she’s gone; I keep expecting to see her head popping up in the window, or curled up on the bed, or greeting me in the morning.

We’ll miss you, Cora!

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