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Fourth Annual Shop Hop: Paducah, Kentucky

The Music City MQG’s annual Shop Hop is one of my favorite meetings of the whole year, and this year was no exception!

To check out past years of shop hopping in the Middle TN area, take a look at these posts:




This year’s Shop Hop took us further afield than usual: Paducah, Kentucky! Paducah is about 2.5 hours away and is home to the National Quilt Museum as well as two Quilt Weeks per year; it also boasts an adorable downtown and quilt shops galore!

Of course we had to check out the fabric superstore Hancock’s, and it was our first stop:




For lunch, we headed downtown for sandwiches and baked goods at Kirchhoff’s Deli (yum!). There was a kids’ arts festival going on which added an air of merriment!



Then it was a quick walk to see the National Quilt Museum, a couple blocks away. There were several rooms of different exhibits, from miniature quilts to challenges based on a fabric designer or topic, all of which showcased so much talent and hard work. The quilts on display were truly works of art… and involved so much technical skill that it’s hard to comprehend how much time and energy goes into each one. I tried not to take too many photos, because it’s impossible to capture the detail or texture unless you see them in person. Amazing!






After the museum, we stopped by Must Stitch Emporium, a quilt shop that also had cross stitch supplies and patterns… you know I couldn’t resist a few more purchases.



I haven’t been sewing or quilting as much in the past couple years, but now that I have a few free hours a week thanks to Mother’s Day Out, I’m getting back to it! I am determined to sew from my stash as much as possible, so I haven’t bought any new fabric in a long time… until the Shop Hop of course. Since then, I’ve made a few more crafty purchases, and since I always enjoy peeking at other quilters’ stashes, here’s a little roundup:

Paducah haul

At a local quilter’s destash sale I picked up some fun fat quarters:


On a outing to the 12 South neighborhood in Nashville, we stopped by Craft South so I could pick up a new quilt pattern… and I couldn’t resist these handmade bows.

Nor could I resist peeking at the Lady Katie Stitchery needle minders in the hand sewing section! They all feature Anna Maria Horner fabric since it’s her store, after all. Always fun to see them in the wild!

That’s all for now… more city sights coming soon as I explore the Nashville area!

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