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You Are My Sunshine Table Runner

I’m thankful for the Music City MQG for many reasons; these ladies were some of my first friends in a new town, and I’ve had so much fun getting to know all the new and old members over the past few years. I’ve never been a prolific quilter, but the past couple years especially have seen a major slow-down in my quilting life. So even though I am mostly chatting and ogling everyone else’s finishes each month, I love going to meetings even if I rarely have anything for show and tell. In fact, almost everything I’ve worked on this year has been spurred on by a guild deadline.

This year Katie H organized a Fat Quarter Challenge she picked the color palette and fabic, set the parameters, and gathered the funds from those who wanted to join in. I loved the fabrics she chose – not my normal colors, but that’s part of the challenge!

I ended up using every bit of the four fat quarters, with only one new fabric for the backing. Amelia put the the leftover scraps to use as mouse blankets!

I used the Missouri Star tutorial for the disappearing Churn Dash – by cutting up a pinwheel block and rotating the pieces, you’re left with a smaller pinwheel within a churn dash. I didn’t do a lot of quilt math, I just kept piecing together as many churn dashes as I could with the fat quarters I was given, and then made more pinwheels with the leftover HSTs. I played around with the arrangement of blocks, but since I don’t have a place for mini quilts anymore (and with freshly painted walls my zeal for pushpins has waned), I decided to make a table runner for my kitchen island.

A few progress pics:






I didn’t have a finish in time for the May meeting but I brought a top to the June meeting – or rather, a very (very) long table runner.


Of course I needed another deadline to actually finish it up – and with “You are My Sunshine” as the theme for Amelia’s 2nd birthday, it was the perfect excuse to add one more thing to my To Do list!

It’s not my best quilting, I’ll admit… I am out of practice and made a very big error in basting an outline around the perimeter and not removing it before quilting. Big, big mistake – all kids of puckering, tension problems, and now it won’t lie flat. But as much as it irks me that it’s not perfect, I’m going with “done is better than perfect” and calling it a day.

The front:

The back:

The table runner made its big debut at the birthday party – and with all the food covering it up, I don’t think anyone noticed a few bumps.


One day I’ll have more time to devote to quilting – I hope – and with more practice I know it will get better. But in the meantime, I’ll continue to send my bigger quilts to the longarmer so I can achieve something much closer “perfection” without the blood, sweat, & tears.


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