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Kitchen Play Dreams

When I was little, my Dad made a wooden kitchen and I remember playing with it for many, many hours. It had little knobs to turn, doors to open and shut, shelves to pull out, and a little railing to display seasonings and a tea set. Even after I grew out of it, my parents kept it around for years and years until I had a toddler of my own. For Amelia’s second birthday, I asked my Dad if he could dust off the old wooden kitchen and transport it from the garage to our house. And he delivered!

With a new coat of stain, sanded edges, repaired hinges, and brand new knobs, it is a thing of beauty!






And more than that, it is already beloved by Amelia! It doesn’t hurt that it came with lots of fun new accessories like a condiment set, a chef’s hat and apron, and a set of fruit that can be cut in half with a knife (or a spatula when we decided the knife could wait). Many parts of motherhood don’t quite live up to fantasy, but watching my child play with the kitchen I used to love is one of those moments that feels just as nostalgic and heartwarming as I imagined!





Thanks again to Pop and Gaga for restoring the (heavy!) wooden kitchen for a very lucky birthday girl.

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