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Mother’s Day Out Adventures

Amelia started going to a 2 day/week 9AM-2PM preschool program in August, and it’s been a great experience so far! It took a few weeks for both of us to adjust; she had never spent such long amounts of time with adults (and kids) other than family, and I hardly knew what to do with my free time.

After wasting the first couple days scrolling social media and forgetting to eat lunch (and also feeling guilty), I felt better once Amelia was settled and I knew she wasn’t crying the entire day. So then I made a long list of goals to accomplish, but soon realized that running around the entire time also left me feeling burned out by pickup time. We both came to an agreement after the initial adjustment period: Amelia learned to love school and I learned to plan a mix of errands/housework and a few adventures here and there. Errand days, however productive, aren’t exactly interesting to describe, so here are a few MDO adventures I’ve enjoyed since gaining 10 hours of freedom per week!

Sew Day with quilty friends 



Shopping at Dancing Bobbin with with quilty friends and an amazing spread at Spring Hill bakery




McKay’s Used Book Store (with plenty of time to browse) 


Leiper’s Fork with friends for brunch and window shopping



Life with a toddler can be full of highs and lows, so I’m thankful that MDO is working for both of us!


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