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Cheers to 2019!

Happy New Year… three weeks ago! I didn’t intend to take quite such a long blogging break, but I’ve also decided to cut myself some slack and not apologize for it. Life is finally settling back into routine again, and I’m finding time for hobbies once more; even though blogging is one of the first things I let slip, I always miss it after a while!

I hope your 2019 is off to a great start! In the past few weeks since the end of 2018, we’ve been getting back to “normal” after the holidays. The decorations are back in the attic, the house is undergoing some much-needed cleaning and decluttering, all three of us are finally feeling healthy again after lingering colds had us under the weather (for what felt like foreverrrr), and we’re back to work and school schedules.

Even though we’re already a few weeks into 2019, I’m finally ready to tackle my word for the year!

This is my fourth year of choosing a word for the year instead of making specific resolutions, and it’s still working for me.  Even if it didn’t affect every single moment of my life in 2018, I kept my word Grow in mind a lot, and at least I remember it at the end of the year (unlike most resolutions)!

My word for 2019: Let Go

I have some big life changes coming up this year that I know will be equally challenging and rewarding, so I’ve been searching for words that put a positive spin on “low expectations.” I pondered “balance” or “peace” but I honestly don’t know if those words will be achievable; I just want to give myself grace this year to do the best I can. Also, Amelia is currently obsessed with the song “Let it Go” so that’s just one more reason that it’s stuck in my head!

A few thoughts on what Let Go means for me:

  1. Let Go of unnecessary obligations and unrealistic expectations. Enough said!
  2. Let Go of shallow affirmations like numbers or likes. Sometimes social media participation can be a great motivator or place to share, but life isn’t always picture-perfect and that’s OK to acknowledge. I also need to give myself permission to do things just because it’s what I feel like doing (or reading or posting) without the external motivation of likes on social media or stats on my blog or Etsy shop.
  3. Let Go of control and focus on the present. Always difficult, always a worthy pursuit! I know there will be plenty of times in the coming year when the items on my To Do list will be accumulating more rapidly that I can check them off, but I hope this phrase will remind me to slow down and (try to) enjoy the moment.

And now to look back on the word I chose for 2018: Grow

I think I did a pretty good job at keeping this word in mind throughout the year, especially #3, which has made a big difference in my personal happiness! Here’s what I had to say about my thoughts/goals/intentions for my word in 2018:

  1. Grow with Amelia. I’ll set the bar low at keeping her alive, ha! But beyond that, I want to focus on Amelia’s growth from baby to toddler to child, and my growth as a mother alongside her. One specific goal I have is to put my phone down while we’re together, even if it means less photos and more moments of boredom. I don’t want to miss out on the growth that happens in the small, sometimes tedious, daily moments of life.
  2. Grow my reading life. I want to make reading a priority again. Again, I need to put my phone down more often to do so. I love that Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2018 Reading Challenge includes a bookmark to help track daily reading, as well as a phone lock screen that says: I’d Rather be Reading. Such a good reminder to open a book (or the Kindle app) instead of social media.
  3. Grow friendships. It took me a long while to get into the social aspect of the SAHM life, but once I connected with a few local mothers and met more through play dates, it’s made a world of difference in my daily happiness. It’s great for the babies to socialize, but it’s even better to have a few moments of conversation with other women going through the same phase of life. I really want to grow these friendships and meet more people in my neighborhood.
  4. Grow my business. Lady Katie Stitchery is a (very) small side business, but I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I hope it continues to grow! This year I want to make new products, learn more about marketing, and mostly focus on being consistent.



Are you making resolutions this year? Whether you are or not, I hope 2019 brings you peace and light. Cheers to the new year!


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