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Made in 2018

Ever since Amelia came along, my crafting has slowed way down and it feels like I never finish anything; but whenever I feel discouraged, actually looking at what I’ve accomplished is a good reminder that I still manage to make some fun stuff. You know what they say: makers gonna make!

So here’s a roundup of what I’m made in 2018:

(All photos are linked to the blog post with more info if you’re interested.)

…Cross Stitch…

Boss Babe

Sweet as Pie

Into the Jungle

Not quite complete yet, but 90% done!



Night Light Quilt

Haven’t blogged about this one yet!

Quilt tops:

Lucky Four Patch baby quilt

Baby Blue baby quilt

Round N Round baby quilt

Round Robin quilt

Most of the piecing took place in 2017, but it was quilted in 2018 and still needs to be bound… but it’s so close to being done!

For Guild:

Fidget quilt blocks


You are my Sunshine table runner

Secret Santa Patchwork tote bag

Also haven’t blogged about this one yet either!

That’s all, folks!

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