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A Trio of Finishes

Normally I would reserve a separate post for each finish, especially because they’re few and far between, but in an effort to clear my backlog of drafts (and a reminder to Let Go the obligation so blogging doesn’t feel like a chore), I’m sharing three recent finishes in one go!

Let’s start from smallest to biggest!

Mini Pin Banner

I used Jeni Baker of In Color Order’s free tutorial to make two mini banners: one for me and one for a friend. The tutorial was super user friendly and I whipped these out in a couple naptimes (that’s basically the only way I measure time anymore)!

I went with the smallest of the three size options, which uses less than a fat quarter of fabric, and it’s a perfect place to display a collection of enamel pins, which also makes a great gift when you pair it with a new pin! I haven’t worked with pom pom trim before but it was definitely my favorite detail, along with the gold and silver leather cording (both found at JoAnn).

This one is for Emily (a belated Christmas/early Galentine’s Day gift) in a dark navy print which will let the pins shine. To go with the banner, I also added a “Makers Gonna Make” pin from Maker Valley.

I couldn’t decide between gold and silver cording so I tied on the silver but also gave her some gold cord if she changed her mind!

She has a much larger collection than I do so she could probably use three more of these… but at least it’s a start.

And with the scraps, Amelia and I made a tiny little sleeping bag for her tiny little Calico Critter.

For my own banner, I cut into my favorite scraps for myself and used a Heather Ross unicorn print that I’ve been hoarding a long, long time. Of course I couldn’t resist a new pin for myself too, so I added the “Sewing Heart” pin from Maker Valley and now I have a place to display the few I’ve accumulated.


The Back


Sewing Heart pin via Maker Valley
Shrinky Dink pins via Cute Fluffin Stitch‘s subscription boxes

Patchwork Tote Bag

For the Secret Santa swap with the Music City MQG in December, I made a patchwork tote bag in the low volume Cotton + Steel prints that my partner loves. I am not an experienced bag maker by any means, but I had success with this Youtube tutorial by Alanda Craft (by watching and rewatching it over and over and over). I made a few slight changes (mostly substituting a sturdy webbing strap instead of making my own strap) and I’m pleased with the way it turned out; but most importantly, so was my partner!

The inner pocket:




And here’s the lovely mini quilt I received from my Secret Santa, Anne! Amelia loved the jingle bells and the candle (she would shout “light!” every time she saw it) and now I can bring it out every year with my holiday decorations.


Night Light Quilt

This quilt had a long history from start to finish, because I made it for a dear friend and just could. not. decide. which direction to go in! I waffled back and forth for (literally) years, sending loads of inspiration photos to Sarah to try to narrow down where to start. I couldn’t get wonky stars or log cabins out of my head, so I decided to combine the two, with a play on value with light and dark blues. We grew up together but now live far apart, and I always say the stars have aligned when we actually get to see each other in person, so I named the quilt Night Light.

I really enjoyed improv-ing my own pattern (even if my friend Emily had to do the quilt math for me) and my favorite details are the hand tying and the label that my friend Megan of Tiny Orchard Quilts made. It takes a village to finish a quilt!

A few progress pics:

I contemplated dark on the inside before flipping the blocks around into their final places.

Hand tying was a first for me! I like the handmade vibe it gives the quilt, and since it will be a wall hanging and probably won’t be heavily used, I didn’t worry too much about the sturdiness of the quilting.




Ta Da!

I saw Sarah over the Thanksgiving holiday and finally got to give her the quilt in person.


Our friendship means a lot to me and so does this quilt!


(Side note: I’ll never mail a quilt again after losing one in the mail; after putting in so much time and effort, that was a bitter pill to swallow.)

That’s all for now!

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