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Reading Life: 2018, Including December

I used to dedicate an entire post to the past year of reading, with statistics and graphs and comparisons to previous years of reading… and even though I let that tradition go, I still feel the need to do something with all the data (and photos!) from my year of tracking my daily reading. But with all that on my mind, I’ve been procrastinating and the more time that passes, the less I want to write it at all… so here I am, letting go of my own expectations/obligations and whipping out a super quick recap of my reading life in December AND the whole year of 2018!

My Reading Life in 2018

  • Total number of books read: 46
    4 Books with a 5 star rating:

Between the World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates (read in January)

When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi (read in January)

Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel (read in June)

A Gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles (read in November)

    Total number of days I read: 331

I’ve been tracking my reading for several years, but 2018 was the first time I challenged myself to read every day and document it with a physical tracker and daily photos. I liked the reminder to make reading a daily habit and I’m glad I kept up with it, but I have to admit that sometimes it felt like a chore.

I could come up with plenty more rubrics for “success” but I’ll stick to the very basics today! I also completed the Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge, but I’ll save that for another day. I’m intentionally NOT tracking my reading with daily photos/checkboxes or participating in another yearlong challenge in 2019, because I’m taking my word of the year to “let go” to heart, and trying to read just for the enjoyment of it… no strings attached!

And now for December 2018:

January seems like the longest month of the entire year (it’s almost over but somehow still dragging on…), maybe because December always seems like the quickest month of the year. We did lots of fun holiday things, traveled to visit family, and generally kept busy all month… and in between, I managed to finish a few books to end the year.

Read in December 2018

I finished tracking my daily reading, but you can still check out what I’m reading on my Instagram feed @ladykatiestitchery!


December 2018 Thoughts


Lethal White (Comoran Strike #4), by Robert Gilbraith

Start date: 11/14/2018
Finish date: 12/26/2018
Source: Library
Genre: Fiction
Format: Library hardcover

Not my favorite of the series, but still a solid mystery that I kept thinking about when I put it down. For the first time I didn’t care about the will-they-won’t-they romance and just wanted to know more about the characters. So nice to steal away for luxurious naps and reading while visiting family.

Holidays on Ice, by David Sedaris

Start date: 12/1/2018
Finish date: 12/8/2018
Source: McKay’s Used Books
Genre: Fiction (short stories)
Format: Hardcover
4 stars

I’ve been meaning to read this collection for years and it seemed like a fun way to kick off the holiday season. I like his true stories more than the fiction, especially SantaLand Diaries and Jesus Shaves (which reminds me that I need to reread Me Talk Pretty One Day again!). Some of them didn’t stand up to the test of time, but there were enough gems to make this collection a classic.

Dinner: The Playbook: A 30-Day Plan for Mastering the Art of the Family Meal, by Jenny Rosenstrach

Start date: 12/9/2018
Finish date: 12/12/2018

Source: Library
Genre: Cookbook
Format: Paperback
4 stars

Practical and inspiring approach to the family dinner, and I’m in desperate need of inspiration. BUT I’m not much for starting ambitious challenges I know I’ll fail, and even the author admits that picky toddlers are one of the hardest age groups to convince that new foods are fun to try, so I’m probably not going to attempt the 30-day challenge she recommends. But I made Sam (who’s just as picky as any toddler) go through and pick out some appealing recipes so we at least have some new ideas to try. I’ve only made one so far (chicken parm meatballs) but they were a hit AND there were enough in one batch for two dinners (with reheating instructions) which is a big win.

Ready Set Go: A Gentle Parenting Guide to Calmer, Quicker Potty Training, by Sarah Ockwell-Smith

Start date: 12/28/2018
Finish date: 12/31/2018

Source: Friend
Genre: Non-Fiction/Parenting
Format: Paperback
4 stars

Straightforward and practical without any gimmicks. I think with approach will work well for Amelia, who’s never been one to be motivated by lots of exclamations, but I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of starting (and especially cleaning) the whole process of potty training. Still, a good resource to have on hand when we’re ready to get started.

Still Reading:

Nine Perfect Strangers, by Liane Moriarty

Start date: 12/5/2018
Source: New release

Genre: Fiction
Format: Library Audiobook

Ugh, this one had to go back to the library when I was only a couple chapters in. I used to have more time in the car to listen to audiobooks on CD, but now that I’m at the mercy of a toddler who much prefers the Moana soundtrack to Australian narrators, I didn’t make much progress… and now I’ll have to wait for the hold list to keep going.

Books read in December: 4
Books read in 2018: 46
Still reading: 1

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the final month of 2018!

I’m always looking for more book recommendations – are you reading any good books?

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