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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I didn’t mean to take such a long blogging break, but I’m happy to be back with the first WIP update of 2019! Here’s another weekly update on my current works in progress: Into the Jungle Cross Stitch I’m still plugging away on the last animal in the jungle, a leaping leopard! Now… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Made in 2018

Ever since Amelia came along, my crafting has slowed way down and it feels like I never finish anything; but whenever I feel discouraged, actually looking at what I’ve accomplished is a good reminder that I still manage to make some fun stuff. You know what they say: makers gonna make! So here’s a roundup… Continue reading Made in 2018

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Cheers to 2019!

Happy New Year… three weeks ago! I didn’t intend to take quite such a long blogging break, but I’ve also decided to cut myself some slack and not apologize for it. Life is finally settling back into routine again, and I’m finding time for hobbies once more; even though blogging is one of the first… Continue reading Cheers to 2019!