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Love Week

It’s the week of love! Happy Valentine’s Day Eve 🙂

My parents visited over the weekend and Amelia loves nothing more than the undivided attention and fun games that they come up with – and I love nothing more than escaping for a date night!

While the grandparents handled the dinner/bath/bedtime routine, we kicked off our “love”-ly week at the Factory with Jeni’s ice cream (before dinner!), an improv comedy show, and late-night tacos at Mojo’s. So thankful for my parents, always!

Yesterday, we hosted Amelia’s buddies for a play date, snacks, and a couple low-key crafts. I set out penne noodles and red shoelaces to make necklaces, as well as construction paper hearts and lots of stickers. Toddlers have their own ideas when it comes to crafts so I kept it super simple!

Now that a lot of our friends are adding baby brothers and sisters, our play group has quickly doubled. A fun time was had by all!

And today, Amelia is off to school with valentines for her classmates and a sock hop to attend! I’m not the best at creating costumes from scratch, so when I found a red polka dot dress at Old Navy (for $5!) and had a cropped cardigan to go along with it, I was about to call it a day; but I asked some crafty friends for advice and they over-delivered! We were given a tutu which added the perfect fluff under the dress, and then my friend Emily whipped up a Scottie dog – complete with bow and leash – in under an hour!

Amelia is obsessed with her “puppy dog dress” and I am in awe that it turned out soooo cute! We took advantage of the sunshine that briefly appeared last week to take a few photos; I’m glad we did, since it’s been cold and rainy ever since!



Hope you’re enjoying a week full of love too!

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