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Into the Jungle Cross Stitch: Finish!

The main cross stitch project I worked on throughout 2018 was the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s Into the Jungle stitchalong (SAL) club… and now it’s finished! I really loved working on each of the 12 animals released each month, and it’s fun to add this one to the pile of patterns I’ve completed (although yet to be FFO – Fully Finished Objects). I need to figure out a plan for finishing this one… but for now I’ll just celebrate reaching the finish line!

I decided not to start a yearlong SAL in 2019, so I’m looking forward to finishing up some WIPs or starting some new from my backlog of patterns.

If you’re interested in seeing past SALs, check them out here:

Once Upon a Time in 2014

Woodland Creatures in 2015

Pumpkin Passport in 2016

Sweet as Pie in 2018

A few last progress pics of the final border:



My needle minder is available from Lady Katie Stitchery on Etsy but the rainbow grime guard is sold out – check out my other grime guard designs here!

And a final look at all 12 finished animals:

January – Sloth


February – Toucans


March – Tree Frogs


April – Tiger


May – Crocodile


June – Cockatoos


July – Chimpanzee


August – Chameleon


September – Bats


October – Macaws


November – Tapirs


December – Leopard

All done!

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