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Reading Life: February 2019

February flew by in a flurry, and my reading picked up just the tiniest bit. I’m still in a bit of a rut but I’m trying to just enjoy reading when I can fit it in.

I’m no longer tracking my daily reading this year, but I started an old school book journal to keep track of what I’m reading. It’s surprisingly therapeutic to write it down by hand! You can also check out what I’m reading on my Instagram feed @ladykatiestitchery


February 2019 Thoughts


The Gatekeeper: Missy LeHand, FDR, and the Untold Story of the Partnership that Defined a Presidency, by Kathryn Smith

Start: 1/21/2019
Finish: 2/2/2019
Source: Mom
Genre: Biography
Format: Paperback
5 stars

Such a fascinating and well-told story of a woman whose historical significance has been largely forgotten. Long maligned as the president’s in-house mistress, there is so much more to the the story – and the author lets you draw your own conclusions since Missy left behind no diaries or official memoirs to confirm or deny the rumors. The author’s background is an added bonus; the Afterword is fascinating! My parents met her at Auburn University and passed on the signed copy after they both read it.

Kathryn Smith

Moms on Call: Toddler Book, by Laura Hunter and Jennifer Walker

Start: 2/4/2019
Finish: 2/13/2019
Source: Sommer 

Genre: Nonfiction/Parenting
Format: Paperback
3 stars

If MOC is at one end of the spectrum, and attachment parenting is at the other, my personal parenting philosophy (if you can call it that), lies somewhere in the middle. This is a good resource for the toddler years but I’ll pick and choose from the tactics they offered. Some of the old school no-nonsense advice I can certainly get behind, like making mealtimes stress-free by letting go of unrealistic expectations, but other methods like sleep training (lock the doors and don’t engage until morning) feel unnecessarily harsh to me. The cheat sheets and schedules are the most helpful tools for me.

On the Come Up, by Angie Thomas

Start: 2/15/2019
Finish: 2/28/2019

Source: Book of the Month Club
Genre: Young Adult
Format: Hardcover
5 stars

I loved this follow-up to The Hate U Give, a window into the life of Bri, a teen girl yearning to be a rapper. Bri is flawed but lovable, and her impulsive decisions lead to complicated consequences, but the messy twists and turns made for fast-paced reading. I especially loved the family and friends that rounded out her story. The ending was a bit tidy but I like that in YA, and I grew so attached to Bri that it felt well-deserved.


Books read in February: 3
Books read in 2019: 5
Still reading: 0

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the second month of 2019!

I’m always looking for more book recommendations – are you reading any good books?

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2 thoughts on “Reading Life: February 2019

  1. Thank you so much for the endorsement of my book “The Gatekeeper.” Did you know I have started a Missy LeHand Mystery Series? She’s like the Nancy Drew of the New Deal. The third installment, “Eleanor Roosevelt Goes to Prison,” is just out.


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