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Quiltcon 2019

It’s been a week since I attended Quiltcon, hosted by the Modern Quilt Guild in Nashville, but even though it feels like it all happened so long ago already, I couldn’t let it go undocumented on the blog!

This was my first time to go to Quiltcon and I hope it won’t be the last; I was so, so excited that it was finally hosted so close to home! (The con usually switches between the East and West Coast, but the 2020 con will be in Austin, TX and 2021 will be in Atlanta, GA.) I wanted to dip my toes in the quilty waters, so I didn’t sign up for any lectures or classes, but I did volunteer on the first and last full days of the conference. Volunteering was an interesting way to see all the work that goes on behind the scenes, plus it was a great way to experience all the aspects of Quiltcon!

A quick recap:


In the AM I volunteered from 8-12 assisting Tara Faughnan’s Lone Star class. Talk about a bucket list kind of quilt! Precision piecing isn’t my expertise but I admire the quilters who are up to the challenge, and it was so interesting to see Tara’s design process.

Lone Star quilts by Teri Faughnan

After my shift I grabbed lunch with my guild friend Ashley, then had a few hours to walk the exhibit hall. I could have spent all four days wandering the quilt show and vendors… and still not see it all! The quilting world is a small one and I kept running into people I either knew from IG or IRL. It was amazing but also overwhelming; after a while I needed a break from the sensory overload – and coffee, of course!




After the show closed at 5, the Music City MQG hosted a meet-up at the Flying Saucer for both locals and visitors. It was a great way to catch up and debrief at the end of the first day!


I volunteered for two shifts on Sunday, with a lunch break in between. In the morning I sold day passes at the registration desk, which was a fun way to greet people as they came in – whether they were old pros or newbies who wandered in on a whim. After a quick lunch with my friend Emily, we walked through the quilt show one more time and then dashed over to the Patchwork Co. booth when we heard that they had out-of-print Heather Ross fabric. She had so many beautiful sample quilts from Heather Ross’s fabric lines and of course we bought a ton of fabric!

Maker: Heather Ross

In the afternoon, I helped set up the quilt show breakdown – mainly pushing dollies full of empty boxes up and down the elevators to get them where they needed to be. I can only imagine the task of setting up and taking down 400+ quilts from the exhibit hall, plus shipping them back to their makers!

I had such a memorable time at Quiltcon, even though the days were long. I came home with quite a few goodies and of course, lots of inspiration to make more quilts!

The quilt show was such an inspiration, and even after two days of walking the exhibit, I still feel like I didn’t get to see every single quilt. (Check out the #quiltcon2019 hashtag on IG if you’re interested in seeing more quilts!) Three cheers for all the quilters whose work was on display!

Of course I have a few special quilts in mind that I want to remember! First, a shoutout to my guild’s charity quilt!

Music City MQG Charity Quilt


My tiny contribution: itsy bitsy nine-patches!

It was so much fun to recognize names of local guild friends in the show, like Megan Ellinger of Tiny Orchard Quilts and Jayne Willis of Twiggy & Opal!

Maker: Megan of Tiny Orchard Quilts


Maker: Jayne Willis of Twiggy & Opal


Second: the Sherri Lynn Wood exhibit was amazing! I missed her lecture but heard secondhand about her experience as an artist-in-residence at the San Francisco landfill; yes, she actually lived at the dump for 30 days and made many of the quilts on exhibit out of found materials! Other quilts were made from non-traditional materials or sentimental fabrics; all were show-stoppers.

Maker: Sherri Lynn Wood


Maker: Sheri Lynn Wood


Maker: Sherri Lynn Wood

And third, here are just a few of my favorite quilts from the show, with the makers credited, in no particular order. Please read the cards for more info on the quilts & quilters!

Maker: Kim Soper


Maker: Kim Soper


Maker: Kim Soper

Maker: Lisa Congdon and Sam Hunter


Maker: LIsa Congdon and Sam Hunter

Maker Berene Campbell


Maker: Berene Campbell

Maker: Megan Collins


Maker: Megan Collins

Maker: Kitty Wilkin


Maker: Kitty Wilkin

Maker: Linda Beachy-Hughes


Maker: Linda Beachy-Hughes

Maker: Liz Harvatine


Maker: Liz Harvatine

Until next time, Quiltcon!

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