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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Here’s another weekly peek at my current works in progress.

Spring Garden Party cross stitch

I’m finished up the top border, and just started the bottom border which should be quick… fingers crossed I will finish before the Spring season is officially over! I am starting to think about how I’ll finish this one, along with the Summer and Winter patterns that I’ve already stitched. I had the Autumn pattern professionally framed, but getting 3 projects framed at once (or even one at a time over the course of a few months) costs a pretty penny, so I’m thinking of something like this that I can do myself!


As usual, similar grime guards and needle minders are available in my Lady Katie Stitchery shop on Etsy!

QAYG Cathedral Windows Quilt

Today marks the end of Amelia’s first year going to a 2 day/week MDO program, so naturally I am trying to finish up all my lofty “goals” that I set last August in one week. This quilt has been sitting on my sewing table for months and months, but I finally joined together the rest of the rows on Monday. Now I just need to join the rows together, and this quilt will be complete! That’s the beauty of QAYG: no backing, basting, or binding!

Speaking of binding… the only other crafty goals I want to accomplish before Baby #2 arrives are to finish binding 2 baby quilts that have been waiting for that final step for many, many moons. When/if I can actually make the time to do that, I’ll be ready to pack up my sewing stuff in our bedroom for a few months, at least until the new baby is in a room of his own… a bittersweet milestone!

That’s all for now!

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