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Spring Garden Party Cross Stitch

Today, a double finish to share: not only is the Spring Garden Party pattern all stitched up, it’s actually hanging on the wall!

Seasonal projects are always fun to work on because they help me enjoy the current season while slowly making progress one stitch at a time. This one was no exception, and of course every little part of a Frosted Pumpkin pattern is full of cuteness, from the central greenhouse scene to the tiny details in the borders. I started in March when it didn’t feel much like Spring at all, and now we’re looking at 90 degree weather all week, so I’m glad there are a few weeks left in the official Spring season to enjoy the finished product on display!

A few of my favorite progress pics:



Ta da! All done:


I’m so please that it’s framed and hanging in the hallway before the end of the season!

And thanks to a sale on frames, I bought 3 matching 11×14 frames and 8×10 mats to finally frame all 4 seasons in this series so I can rotate them throughout the year. (Autumn Harvest was the first pattern I did and I got it professionally framed, but I’ve been stitching a lot faster than I’ve been finishing, so that’s not currently in the budget.)

The game changer was the self-stick mounting boards that I’m sure I’ve seen before but never tried. It was super easy to mount the finished project with no wrinkles (much easier than lacing), and it’s much closer to professional-looking than any other previous framing attempt I’ve tried to do myself. There wasn’t a big selection of mats, so I did the best I could, but it would be easy enough to change out the mats later to make them look more custom. But for now, done is better than perfect!

While I was in the frame aisle, I also picked up a long rectangular frame (hard to find!) that was perfect for the Pumpkin Passport pattern I finished in 2016. I don’t have a place on the wall for it (although it would be super cute in a nursery, if we actually had enough rooms in our house for that), but for now it’s a great addition to the coat hook ledge in our entry!


If you’re interested in taking a closer look at any of these projects, here are some links:

Autumn Harvest Festival (2014)

Pumpkin Passport (2016)

Summer Beach Day (2016)

Winter Carriage Ride (2019)

I still have some completed patterns that need to be framed, but I’m happy this series is completely finished at least!

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