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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Here’s another weekly peek at my current works in progress.

Oh Whale Cross Stitch

I started a new cross stitch project, woohoo! My hands and mind felt idle without something to work on during snack time and the hour or so of light after Amelia’s bedtime each day. I’m using my stash of hand-dyed threads left over from other projects… which justifies my hoarding of floss! I really like this designer, Hands on Design, after working on a trio of nautical-themed mini patterns a few years ago, and was so happy to find this pattern at Must Stitch Emporium during my quilt guild’s shop hop in Paducah last summer.



QAYG Cathedral Windows Quilt

It felt like I wasn’t making any progress at all on this quilt, but quilting just a bit every day has started to add up! I’m pretty confident that I’ll have it finished by the Music City MQG meeting in June… but now that’s only a couple weeks away, so we’ll see. I have to pack up my sewing stuff soon to make room for baby paraphernalia in our bedroom, and even though I know I’ll get back to my machine eventually, it’s hard to pack away my hobbies and confront (once again) that life is about to change big time… in the meantime I’ll be eating my feelings (current obsession: dark chocolate covered almonds).

That’s all for now!

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