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Nesting comes and goes in mysterious ways, but as the weeks left in my second pregnancy dwindle, it’s almost always on my mind. This time around I am feeling more confident about what I’ll actually need when baby arrives, and all the major pieces are in place. But even more than baby items, I find myself mostly concerned with purging clutter, organizing closets, and rearranging rooms; we’ve bought more pieces of furniture in the last month than the previous year. Whenever my parents visit, we knock out a ton of small home projects – with plenty of breaks for toddler activities like tea parties, throwing rocks in the river, dancing, and many, many snacks, of course!

I’m feeling pretty happy with the current state of things; baby can keep on growing for another month (he’s already measuring 6 lb and change at 34 weeks!) but the house is ready for his arrival. I haven’t shared many life updates recently, so here’s a peek into my nesting brain, along with a few photos.

After going back and forth (and back again) about whether to turn our third bedroom into a nursery or keep it as a guest room, we landed on… both(ish)? We had a mattress on the floor for many months until we finally committed to buying a regular queen-sized bed (as opposed to a daybed/futon/pull-out couch situation) so guests will still have a dedicated place to sleep, and we’ll keep the new baby in a bassinet in our room for a few months… and then we’ll see where we are. Eventually I’d like both kids to share a room, but not until the new baby is consistently sleeping through the night and doesn’t need any middle-of-the-night feedings.

In Amelia’s room, we assembled a new dresser so we could move the changing table to our bedroom. I thought we’d have potty training under our belts at this point, but that’s not the case… progress is slow but hopefully we’ll be done with diapers soon, and a new dresser can grow with her. Moving the old changing table into the master bedroom also meant I had a place for all the baby clothes I’ve been collecting… some gender neutral clothes from Amelia’s baby days, and more hand-me-downs from friends than I know what to do with… a good problem to have!

We’re also going to keep Amelia in the toddler bed version of her crib until we need the crib for the new baby, which will be a good 4-5 months, and then she can upgrade to a toddler or twin bed. It’s still up for debate where the crib will be relocated… but like I said, we’ll deal with that when we get to it!

Even the office has seen a few changes recently. I really wanted to anchor the bookcase to the wall for safety: if we ever need to put the baby in the office to sleep for any reason, I was so worried about books falling down from our two old bookcases. But I also couldn’t get the idea of closed storage out of my head, so a new one to the rescue: anchored to the wall, with doors that close so at least the bottom shelves aren’t immediately accessible (plus they hide some office supplies), while the top shelves display my favorite books. I was originally planning on moving my sewing machine and supplies into the (already crowded) office but when Sam started working from home more often for a new job, he also added a new computer monitor and accessories to the mix. So I cleared everything off the desk and moved it all to the guest closet… which is still a work in progress, but will hold all of my craft supplies (sorry, guests).

We also got some art to finish off the room: when we got a new bed for the guest room, the headboard was too tall to keep the existing Heather Ross art print hanging above it, and we didn’t want to move the print to the wall opposite the bed (because personally, I would not want that mama cat staring at me while I was sleeping!), so it got relocated to the office. It’s always so nice to have art on the wall to make a room feel finished!

In the master bedroom, we have the key pieces but they will probably move around a bit more before baby arrives. The bassinet, changing table, and swing certainly fill up the room, but after I move my sewing table and machine out (I still have one more thing to finish!) there will be more room.

I can tell I’m “nesting” when I get fixated on a certain thing that isn’t exactly necessary for the baby’s survival but I can’t rest until it’s done (last time it was making a dust ruffle for the crib). This time around it was the bookcase for the office, then organizing the shelves in the garage, then finishing up my UFO quilts… but the finish line is in sight and I’m trying to take it easy for the next few weeks.


With the second baby, I’m feeling more flexible with the room arrangements and I know we’ll figure out what works as we go. Cheers to change!

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