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Round N Round Baby Quilt

I’ve got one last finish to share: a Round N Round baby quilt for my baby boy, due to arrive very soon!

Many of my quilts have a similar story: I start and stop and start again, sometimes because I get stumped, sometimes because another quilt (or craft or book) catches my eye, and usually because life gets in the way of sewing time; this baby quilt is no exception!

This quilt started way back in 2016, at the first Music City MQG Retreat, as a mini quilt. I used Canoe Ridge’s pattern but I can’t find it on her blog anymore; basically it’s a one-block log cabin. I was only a few weeks along in my first pregnancy and not telling many people yet, so I’m pretty sure my thinking was that I’d make a few different quilt tops at the retreat and decide which one to keep after I found out the gender. The Vintage Star quilt was completed for Amelia and this one remained in the WIP pile for another couple years… until the next retreat!

At the 2018 Music City MQG retreat, I added two borders: a small one with cornerstones and a larger navy one to add a few more inches to the final size. The Round N Round quilt top was one of two baby quilts I made at the 2018 retreat, one for a boy and a girl, and then they both sat waiting for babies to arrive… I wasn’t even pregnant at that point, but a year later when I found out I was having a boy, this one became mine to keep!

I sent both off to a local longarmer and the hexagon design on the backing fabric inspired the quilting design; I love how it turned out!

One more sew day with Emily resulted in a finished quilt for baby boy; I’m so, so glad to have it finished before he arrives! This was the last of the WIPs that I wanted to complete, and after it was bound I packed up my sewing stuff to make room in our bedroom for the baby.

A few progress pics from starting in 2016 to finally finishing in 2019:


2016 retreat progress:

2018 retreat progress:


Longarm quilting by Amanda Birdwell!



Cheers to finishing another WIP… and one more WIP (of the human variety) that we are patiently waiting to meet!

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