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Five Things that are Different the Second Time Around

I’m only seven weeks into life with two kids, and certainly still adjusting, but we’re starting to find a rhythm to our new normal. Some nights are better than others… and on a not-so-easy night when Jon just wouldn’t go back to sleep at 3 AM, I started typing up the stream-of-conscious notes below; I… Continue reading Five Things that are Different the Second Time Around

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A Boy and His Quilts

There’s nothing sweeter than a baby on a quilt! I am lucky to be surrounded by creative people who love to make things, and being a quilter myself, I appreciate the hours of planning and prepping and making that goes into a finished gift for a new baby. There’s nothing better than a sweet baby… Continue reading A Boy and His Quilts

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Reading Life: July 2019

July was quite a month, life-wise! Summer has certainly been in full swing which made the last couple weeks of pregnancy hot, hot, hot… and then the week after the 4th of July holiday, baby Jon arrived! Everything changed and also stayed the same all at once, which is true of most major life events.… Continue reading Reading Life: July 2019