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One Month with Jon

Jon is one month old! As per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates!

When Amelia was born, I knew I wanted to keep track of her baby milestones so I started writing letters in a journal each month of her first year (and now I update it every six months), and I also started a baby book calendar (but I was less successful keeping it updated… I just finished it a few days before Jon was born!). And of course I updated the blog with most of the same info.

I want to do the same for Jon, but to simplify the process I’m using the same prompts that the baby book provides (& still keeping the monthly letters private). Even though 3 different updates might seem like overkill, it still makes sense to me… documenting is kind of my love language, so I enjoy it when it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The calendar only covers the first year, the journal I plan to continue updating throughout childhood, and of course a blog is the perfect place to combine photos & words, so here we are again!

One Month Old

Likes: being held all day, bath time, rocking, staring at the fan or light fixtures

Dislikes: diaper changes, belly pains, sitting by himself (especially during dinner time)

Sleeping patterns: lots of naps all day, waking up more in the morning and late afternoon. Nights are still inconsistent, sometimes we’ll get a stretch of 4-5 hours and some nights he’s up every 2 hours

Feeding schedule: nursing on every 2-3 hours but prefers snacking all day

Size: ~10 lb, size 1 diapers, 0-3 month clothing

Sounds and motions: the noisiest grunting, squeaking, and coughing, waving arms, focusing on faces, smiling occasionally

Favorite toys and games: waving arms to reach hanging toys, scooting during tummy time

Learning to: love the swing, nap without being held, hold up head

Firsts: two doctor visits, meet family – big sister Amelia, Gaga and Pop, Grandma Peachie & GG, Uncle Brock, cousins Bob & Brenda, meet family friends, two play dates at our house, bath time with Amelia, stroll in the neighborhood

And now, a photo recap of our first month with Jon!















One of the best parts of having a personal blog is being able to look back at the archives. So just for fun, here’s a quick comparison to Amelia’s first month:

Amelia at One Month Old

November 2016

The Amateur Librarian // 1 Month

Likes: nursing, sleeping on anybody’s chest, peeking one eye open, rootin’ and tootin’

Dislikes: not being held, sleeping by herself

Size: 10 lbs, 20 in long; newborn diapers and clothes

Doing: opening her eyes, looking at faces, nursing every hour

Firsts: smile, sink bath, two pediatrician visits, stroller walk in the neighborhood, bottle, visit to the voting polls, babysitters (Grandmom and Grandpop), photo shoot with Hannah, Halloween

We love you both so much, Jon and Amelia!

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