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5×5 Reading Challenge

Last week, one of my favorite book bloggers, Janssen at Everyday Reading, hosted her second 5×5 Reading Challenge: read 5 picture books each day for five days in a row. I love simple challenges to help kickstart a habit, and this was perfect timing: it’s so easy to let reading fall by the wayside in… Continue reading 5×5 Reading Challenge

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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I’m sharing another weekly peek at my current works in progress. Oh Christmas Tree Cross Stitch A new start! It feels a little early to be starting on a holiday project… but let’s be honest, I probably won’t even finish it in time. So far I love the monochromatic look and all the… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Oh Whale Cross Stitch

A finish! It feels like I’ve been working on this one for ages, but it’s only been a few months; although to be fair, I grew and birthed a human in between starting and finishing, so it’s been a busy few months. I feel like this expression applies to so much in my life right… Continue reading Oh Whale Cross Stitch

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Two Months with Jon

Jon is two months old! As per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates. Two Months Old Likes: bath time with your sister, being held, walks in the stroller Dislikes: being strapped in the car seat too long, belly pain Sleeping patterns: naps every 1-2 hours all day, stretches of 5-6 hours at night… Continue reading Two Months with Jon