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Reading Life: August 2019

August – back to school, back to reading eBooks while I’m nursing. What do you like to read when the seasons change? I always want to reread the Harry Potter series.

I’m no longer tracking my reading with daily photos, but I started an old school pen-and-paper journal to keep track of what I’m reading. It’s surprisingly therapeutic to write it down by hand! You can check out what I’m reading (including a handwritten review from my journal) on my Instagram feed @ladykatiestitchery


August 2019 Thoughts


Evvie Drake Starts Over, by Linda Holmes

Start: 8/5/2019
Finish: 8/16/2019
Genre: Fiction
Source: Emily
5 stars

The bare bones of any romance might not sound too compelling: Evvie Drake is a bit broken after her husband’s death, but a down-on-his-luck baseball pitcher helps her start over. I promise the journey is so funny, sweet, and realistic in all the best ways! I’m a big fan of the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast so I had high hopes for Linda Holmes’s first novel and it didn’t disappoint! Of course I loved the references to public radio and other pup culture peppered throughout. Such a treat!

Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right, by Jamie Glowacki

Start date: 8/16/2019
Finish date: 8/23/2019
Genre: Nonfiction/Parenting
Source: Britt
4 stars

Whew, this was an intense read but a good kick in the pants to finally get committed to potty training. The tone is pretty brash but it’s full of straightforward advice, unlike some books that are vague on the practicalities. I honestly wish I had read it a year ago, since her main message is that 20-30 months old is the best window to start (and she makes no bones about it being more difficult the older the toddler is), but here we are. We’ve made basically every rookie mistake but I’m so tired of overthinking this whole business that it will be a relief to just get it over with already… and I know Amelia is full capable by now.

Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shel Silverstein

Start date: 8/22/2019
Finish date: 8/27/2019
Genre: Poetry
Source: McKay’s Used Books
4 stars

Grade school humor at its finest: delightfully strange and not as sanitized as most children’s lit. Everyone has fond memories of Shel Silverstein, and I think kids are drawn to his hints of darkness, like the Grimm fairy tales or Roald Dahl’s stories. I couldn’t resist bringing this copy home from McKay’s to add to my permanent collection and the start of a new school year felt like a good time to revisit it.

Currently Reading:

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed, by Lori Gottlieb

Start date: 8/27/2019
Genre: Memoir
Source: Modern Mrs. Darcy

If you’re interested in therapy at all, you’ll find this fascinating; I love the behind-the-scenes feel and the author has led such an interesting life that it reads like fiction. A good eBook makes me look forward to nursing sessions, even in the middle of the night.

Books read in August: 3
Books read in 2019: 23
Currently reading: 1

So that’s what I’ve been reading during the eighth month of 2019!

I’m always looking for more book recommendations – are you reading any good books?

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