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Two Months with Jon

Jon is two months old! As per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates.

Two Months Old

Likes: bath time with your sister, being held, walks in the stroller

Dislikes: being strapped in the car seat too long, belly pain

Sleeping patterns: naps every 1-2 hours all day, stretches of 5-6 hours at night (then up every 2-3 hours)

Feeding schedule: nursing every 2.5-3 hours

Size:  13.5 lb, size 2 diapers, 0-3 month clothing

Sounds and motions: squawking and grunting when hungry, big smiles and cooking when he sees Mama, Dada or big sister, roll from stomach to side

Favorite toys and games: kicking the music mat, looking at the hanging mobile, shadows or ceiling fan

Learning to: hold his head up, recognize family faces, finding his hands to suck on

Firsts: county fair, sniffles, play dates with (Amelia’s) friends, stroller rides to the neighborhood playground, two visits from family (& meet his aunts), vaccination, Labor Day

A photo recap of our second month with Jon:











A look back:

One Month Old

Likes: being held all day, bath time, rocking, staring at the fan or light fixtures

Dislikes: diaper changes, belly pains, sitting by himself (especially during dinner time)

Sleeping patterns: lots of naps all day, waking up more in the morning and late afternoon. Nights are still inconsistent, sometimes we’ll get a stretch of 4-5 hours and some nights he’s up every 2 hours

Feeding schedule: nursing on every 2-3 hours but prefers snacking all day

Size: ~10 lb, size 1 diapers, 0-3 month clothing

Sounds and motions: the noisiest grunting, squeaking, and coughing, waving arms, focusing on faces, smiling occasionally

Favorite toys and games: waving arms to reach hanging toys, scooting during tummy time

Learning to: love the swing, nap without being held, hold up head

Firsts: two doctor visits, meet family – big sister Amelia, Gaga and Pop, Grandma Peachie & GG, Uncle Brock, cousins Bob & Brenda, meet family friends, two play dates at our house, bath time with Amelia, stroll in the neighborhood

One of the best parts of having a personal blog is being able to look back at the archives. So just for fun, here’s a quick comparison to Amelia’s second month:

Amelia at Two Months Old

December 2016

The Amateur Librarian // 2 Months

Likes: bath time, butterfly rattle, crinkly sounds, snuggling in Daddy’s armpit, nursing to sleep, fans

Dislikes: waiting to eat, tummy time after 5 minutes

Size: 11 lb 1 oz, 22 in long, size 1 diapers, 0-3 months clothing

Doing: lifts head during tummy time, tracks toys with eyes, kicking, smiling, cooing, nursing every 1-2 hours

Firsts: Thanksgiving, met Santa, bath in the big tub, Dickens of a Christmas fair, hip ultrasound

We love you both so much, Jon and Amelia!

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